Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy 2016!

My people e don tey well well but this news site don see break light again. We thank God.

Plenty tory dey for una.

First of all, una must to know say na Buhari win the election oh. That old guy wey be military president those days, ehen, na im be president again.

The guy say im own na to fight corruption any which way im fit. In fact, dem don arrest plenty people left, right and center. Plus this new presido like to travel pass anything. E don travel the whole world come back.

Boko Haram still dey worry people. Those girls wey dem carry since dem never find dem.

Naira don scatter.

Light wahala still dey.

Una do well. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No medal for Olympics self, presido self get diet plan.

Na so Olympics 2012  done come, done go, self. For all the whole sports, Nigeria no manage to get even one common medal. People come dey vex, dey complain. Na im sports minister self write long tory for the matter, dey explain why no medal reach our hand. 

Presido wife self don become permanent secretary for im state. Na so one governor just dash our first lady job for that side, say the woman self must to chop. People come dey cry fowl, say no be better thing be that. First lady say e no concern am, make people cry self, im self, must to be civil servant by force.

Boko Haram still dey terrorize people anyhow. Nobody know how dem wan take solve the matter.

Light still no dey. The oga kpata kpata for the light matter just vex comot, say im no do again.

Dem don release the diet plan of our presido. Na these kain things the man dey chop: Fish pepper soup, bread, yam, plenty fruit and vegetable dem. Na im personal person na im say make im realease this diet plan so all those rumour mongers dem wey dey internet no go dey say na so so ogogoro the man dey drink.

Una do well.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Petrol price don increase, Boko Haram everywhere.

Na all of kinds of wahala na im our country Nigeria begin this New Year with.

Oga president, Jonathan Goodluck say im must to increase petrol price by force. Na im everybody come vex anyhow. The youths dem enter street, say im must to reduce the price. Labour people come enter the matter say everybody must to strike. Wey dem come strike finish nah, come do meeting here and there, na im labour people say matter don end, say make people just swallow am as e be, say na so life be.

Boko Haram dey cause wahala anyhow. Dem say dem no like education matter. Say dem wan just read koran dey go for their life, na im dem begin bomb anyhow say dem dey vex for the matter. Dem come bomb different church dem for the north, come kill plenty innocent people. People wey dey live for another corner now, for the south of Nigeria come carry the matter for head. Dem say all dem muslim people must to comot that area. Police come do small work,come catch the leader of the Boko Haram people dem, everybody come happy. Now nah, dem say the guy don escape. Dem still dey investigate the matter.

Happy New Year.

Una do well

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Na the candidates be this.

The race for Nigerian President don begin. Na these men be the main contestants dem. No woman dey inside.

President Goodluck Jonathan (People’s Democratic Party)

Since 1999 wey military hand over to Nigeria, na dis party don win all the elections dem. Jonathan Goodluck na 53 year old man from Bayelsa state, im get ph.d for zoology and na im be the current president for the country.

General Muhammadu Buhari (Congress for Progressive Change)

This one don dey dis political waka since nineteen koro koro. Na im be lead coup for 1983 against Shehu Shagari come carry country comot for im hand. And im don try self battle to be president for 2003 and 2007. The man na 68 years old.

Governor Ibrahim Shekarau (All Nigeria People’s Party)

This one na 55 years old and imself don tey for politics. Im don do governor waka twice na.

Nuhu Ribadu (Action Congress of Nigeria)

Ribadu na im bin dey fight corruption for Nigeria before, before dem come chase am go abroad. Na 50 year old and the man don come back come fight for president.

Una do well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Election race don start

All sorts of people na im dey run for election, say dem wan become president of Nigeria. Ribadu, Babangida, Jonathan Good luck. Dem don begin share rice left, right and center.

Bomb blast for Nigerina independence day. Na so, as people dey jolly, dey enjoy themselves for Abuja, na im some car bombs just explode anyhow. People come die. Dem no know who blast the bombs dem. Some say na MEND, others say no be MEND. Wahala come dey, sotey dem come dey arrest people anyhow join the matter.

Una do well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Presido plus Babangida wan run again...

After many months wey Yaradua bin dey sick, na im the poor man come die. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

Na im dem come make Goodluck Jonathan wey be vice president before, the oga kpata kpata for the whole country. The man self, come dey give one promise and another about how im wan change the country. Im come even sack some people join self.

Babangida say im fit be presidon again oh. People don dey protest anyhow. Dele Momodu self, say e be like say im run for presido.

Una do well.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Presidon don miss!

Dem say the president of Nigeria dey miss. Nobody know wetin don happen to am. Some say e don quench, others say im brain don kolo, some say na sleep dey do am. In fact, nobody for the whole country know where dey do the man. The only thing wey dem know be say, im dey Saudi Arabia for one hospital. Na fear everybody dey now. Nobody know wetin go happen.

Dem catch one small boy for plane say im wan bomb the whole plane plus including imself. The boy na abroad im for dey study wey loneliness catch am. Na im some internet people come convince am make im go carry bomb. The whole wahala dey court for America. Meanwhile, no more visa for the remaining innocent people wey wan go dat side. Na wa.

Una do well.