Saturday, April 5, 2008

Money dey miss road anyhow!

Dem don sack some ministers because dem no wan return all their surplus money dem. Na over 300 million na im dey miss road, dey go christmas bonus and all other awoof plus longthroat projects dem for government. Na so money dey miss road so tey some of dem say na school work dem use the money do for ghana. Na wa.

Dem don sack governor of edo state say no be im win election. Dem come put one correct guy there, but na so tory come get k leg. Small time, na im dem talk say one commissioner dey miss for their state. Small time, dem find the commisioner dead body for one hotel. No be small thing oh, our police people dem dey investigate, tory never finish.

Ibori case still dey go on.

Dem never still find the plane wey miss for air.

Una do well