Friday, January 20, 2012

Petrol price don increase, Boko Haram everywhere.

Na all of kinds of wahala na im our country Nigeria begin this New Year with.

Oga president, Jonathan Goodluck say im must to increase petrol price by force. Na im everybody come vex anyhow. The youths dem enter street, say im must to reduce the price. Labour people come enter the matter say everybody must to strike. Wey dem come strike finish nah, come do meeting here and there, na im labour people say matter don end, say make people just swallow am as e be, say na so life be.

Boko Haram dey cause wahala anyhow. Dem say dem no like education matter. Say dem wan just read koran dey go for their life, na im dem begin bomb anyhow say dem dey vex for the matter. Dem come bomb different church dem for the north, come kill plenty innocent people. People wey dey live for another corner now, for the south of Nigeria come carry the matter for head. Dem say all dem muslim people must to comot that area. Police come do small work,come catch the leader of the Boko Haram people dem, everybody come happy. Now nah, dem say the guy don escape. Dem still dey investigate the matter.

Happy New Year.

Una do well