Saturday, March 15, 2008

Armed robbers no dey allow people rest.

My people. Dem say armed robbers don take over Lagos. Na so those mad men dey rob people, rape women, dey cause all sorts of tribulation for dat country. No be small thing.

Dem say dem don find one pipe line for one of those militants dem house. The man dey use the thing dey do oil bunkery. Na the money from the bunkery business na im dem say im dey use buy guns for im boys dem.

Electricity still dey cause all kinds of wahala. Presido still dey try tackle the matter, e be like say im Chinese friends wan help am. Na wah. Na serious money na im go exchange hands for the thing.

Remain small, Imo state governor be wan beat one mother, with im pikins for car oh. Say na because the woman no clear way wey im and im entourage they blow siren for road.

All those their award shows, left, right and center still dey go on. Yellow carpet oh, red carpet oh, all of them dey.

Una do well.