Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jobless woman

One jobless woman wan begin chase other women for "indecent" dressing, na so she talk. So, mama Rukevwe, all those ones wey u go dey expose breast wey u dey feed pikin, e don end be dat. The woman no get job for dat their senate house, na im make she self, find job for herself. Abeg make una give am job oh before dem catch mama Rukevwe.

Armed robbers here and there. Na for Port Harcourt dem strike again.

Sports: We thank God say we win Benin republic. Na two- zero we give dem, make dem carry go house. I don forget the people wey score the goals, but na sweet sweet ones, meself, I follow dance.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Presido wan commot immunity law

Presido don talk say dem go comot that law wey no dey allow police arrest all those wayo governors dem.

Dem still dey quarell for senate: Those ones just dey waste time and money, hissssssss, na the same quarell from yesterday.

Wetin else day? ehen, na so armed robbers just dey terrorise people for Lagos, na wa.

Una do well.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wuru Wuru for Senate House.

All sorts of wahala. Dem say people wey dey do 419 self dey the house. Na so dem come dey fight, dey open each other nyash anyhow. Dis my country, una never chop reach?

Igbenedion: Dem don carry the wayo man put for court, dey read all the bad things wey im do dem. The list long from here till jericho!

Presido dey Obodo oyibo: The man and im wife just dey enjoy life for Switzerland, dey chop cheese and chocolate for that side.

Una do well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dem don increase their salary

All the big big men dem don increase their salary. Na big big money dem go get from now henceforth. Presido, ministers and the rest court people dem. Na wa oh, where dem wan chop dey go?

Obasanjo and im tory: Dem dey talk say make im comot for all im yeye posts dem, cos im dey immoral.

Na the tory for today, some kain small small news still dey but dem no hold water. Una do well.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Dem take light for Ghana stadium yesterday as Mali be wan play Benin republic, no be small thing, na so all the oyibo people dem come dey laugh us. Shame suppose catch us. Anyway, but the big news be say Ivory coast come win us. 1-0. Na wah.

The number one thing wey happen

Dem don catch dat governor wey dey run from police dem. Na the man self , carry imself go give them. Dem say the man thief plenty money from Benin People dem come dey spend am dey enjoy life for obodo oyibo. God don catch am. E be like say im go join im best friend Ibori, for prison. I go come with more tory, una do well