Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summit runs!

Niger-Delta summit: Dem say dem wan gather all the "ITK"(I too know!)people dem for the country, make dem siddon yarn, find solution for all the wahala wey Niger Delta get. Na so oh, everybody dey put mouth for the matter, so tey one Gambari man wey suppose know book pass just comot e own hand for the matter. Dem still dey yarn dey go.

Grain theif: As scarcity of food reach poor man, na im government come distrubute grains dem make dem reach all those poor poor areas dem. Now, dem come find out say all those tonns of grains dem, no be poor man e reach oh. Na big big men dem, na im collect dem, come keep for house. Senators oh, emirs oh, governors oh...plenty plenty big man na im collect grain.

Warri wahala: All those useless warri youths dem, don dey fight again, dey disturb everywhere with their local guns dem.

Una do well